With this course you will acquire all the knowledge and tools to develop your technique, making you feel comfortable riding in both directions.

Methodology Course

Our independent level courses are taught 5 sessions of 3 H each (15 hours in total), Choose between private or semi –private lessons (maximum of 2 students per instructor).


  • Introduction to winds/spots
  • Wind window theory
  • Setting up equipment
  • Security systems


  • Flying trainer kite
  • Flying a small inflatable kite
  • Positioning
  • Handling with both hands


  • Flying a medium inflatable kite
  • Handling with one hand
  • Simultaneous board control
  • Traction exercises
  • Water start (on land)

04Water practice:

  • Kite relaunch
  • Bodydrag downwind
  • Bodydrag sideway
  • Bodydrag upwind
  • Putting on the board
  • Waterstart trials to one side
  • Navigation Rules
  • Perfectioning waterstart one side
  • Waterstart opposite direction
  • Riding downwind, one direction
  • Body position correction
  • Positioning of kite
  • Riding downwind, both directions
  • Reversing
  • First turns
  • Riding upwind both ways
  • Riding with one hand
  • Safety procedures
  • Self rescue


Experience, professional qualifications and different languages, assure you the best instruction and attention; all in a familiar environment that will make you feel like at home.

Fuerteventura’s perfect beaches and winds to practice water sports, along with the kite surf culture that completely soaks the island, will forge you from the start with a solid foundation on which to keep on building as an athlete and part of a group.

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