Fuerteventura Kite School

Kite school and adventure center in Corralejo, in the north of Fuerteventura, an excellent place to practice all sort of outdoor activities and water sports.

We offer our extensive experience and we make it available to all audiences, of all ages who are looking forward to enjoy the best feelings and all the options that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Watersports center

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Do not miss our fitness center blog which brings you the latest news from kitesurfing around the world. New sports available, championships, suggestions and more from our instructors and professional resident riders on the island.

NEW web

Fuerteventura Kite School launches new web site created by the canarian designers Suitecom.es. This new portal allows our students to obtain information about the different courses we offer at the sports center, simple online booking tools and secure booking gateways. Created for a correct implementation in all sort of devices,…

New instructors

We proudly welcome our team Mauro Perugini, the new kitesurf. instructor in our sport centre. With years of experience in the world of kiteboarding and water sports, this new coach will delight new students, with his sympathy and ease when transferring the necessary knowledge to make you become another happy…

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Watersports Center

Multiple sports and activities designed to enjoy the sport in Fuerteventura

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Meet a large international team of professionals passionate about the sport